Book, Bon Temps (2017), Eleanor Inge Baker


Book, Bon Temps (2017)

An epic photographic jaunt through Mobile’s premier cultural celebration—Mardi Gras!

Y’all, this book has it all—kings, queens, commoners, float-builders, costume designers, hooligans, revelers, police, dancers, marching bands, king-cake bakers, widows, donkey-riders, smoochers, vendors, horses, maskers, mistresses, S.O.B.s, debutantes, children, old ladies, and page after page of regrets and redemption. 

Bon Temps: Alabama’s Mardi Gras is an impressive 288-page book honoring Mobile’s tradition of over-the-top frivolity. As the slogan goes, Mobile’s a city born to celebrate. Casebound in book linen with foil-embossed cover and gold, marbled end sheets, the book showcase a collection 275 sometimes shocking, sometimes silly, always vivid images of Mardi Gras. Photography by Meggan and Jeff Haller.