Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of Gulf Coast Beads? and Where are you located?

Our store address is 5017 Cottage Hill Road, Ste B, Mobile AL 36609 - See map

Do you do custom items for events?

Yes, we can customize just about anything. From party and wedding items to corporate and trade show specialties, we have a wide selection of items for your next event. We also custom design and make special Krewe items for many Mardi Gras socialites. 

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What is the cost of doubloons? and What is the minimum quantity that I need to order?

There are many factors in manufacturing doubloons as there are many options to choose in processing them. It is best to contact us with your needs so we may give you a decisive quote.

Can I buy in bulk at wholesale pricing?

Absolutely. Many of our items are available at discounted pricing when buying in bulk and at wholesale savings for the resale trade. - See info

What can be done about the shipping cost? and Why don't you offer free shipping?

Many calculations go into creating the various rates shown during checkout and rates shown are determined by the dimensional weight for the number of pieces per order by our carriers. Because many of our items, like boxes of beads and party decorations, are large and heavy, shipping costs are considerably more than an average purchased internet item. And let's face it, in reality, nothing is free. Companies have to absorb the shipping cost somewhere in fees or hide it in the cost of goods. We prefer to keep our prices low and only charge for the true cost of shipping. 

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