Custom Made Throws

custom cups that change colors 

Custom Made Throws for Parades and Events

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custom squeeze bottles for parades

We offer the finest selections from the top manufacturers around the globe.

Our mission is simple: To provide top of the line items for your krewes and organizations. Our graphic artist works directly with the project team of each manufacturer from start to finish in ensuring each item is properly executed as desired.

Our relationship with manufacturers makes your custom items very affordable.

Our design team is attuned in providing custom made, well-crafted merchandise at affordable pricing.

custom throws for parades

Why choose custom made products for your parade or event?

Target the crowd and audience with a memorial souvenir that instantly becomes a valuable keepsake item. Help keep your brand’s name out in the public with awareness and recognition each time it is enjoyed. And because it’s specially made for you, it not only becomes one-of-a-kind to the beholder but a collectible treasure.

custom light up and glow toys for parade throws

Custom made Mardi Gras Throws are a great way to motivate the crowds and build excitement.

Everyone loves to catch the newest and latest seasonal throw. We can design one for your organization that will set the crowds on fire. Well, get the tête-à-têtes a little heated at least.

custom cups and huggers for parade throws

What sort of items do we offer?

We’ve provided custom imprinted and custom designed stuffed toys, stress balls, huggers and stadium cups, flying saucers, beach balls, and footballs, LED wristbands and lanyards, light up batons, glow sticks and bracelets … and so much more.

Custom plush animals for parades

Let us help get your name out in the crowd.

Give us a call or leave a message below with a short description of your interests and date of the event. Our sales and design team are eager to meet you.