Custom Doubloons (Coins)

Doubloons [Duh-Bloons] are also called Carnival Coins. 

One of the most sought-after throw items during Mardi Gras are aluminum coins thrown during parades. The minted antiqued bronzed and fine-silver coins are often prized favors or gifts presented to very special friends and family members of the ruling Mardi Gras families.

Doubloons are great for businesses, carnivals and special events!

For reference in size, aluminum doubloons are normally about 1.5-inch in diameter and use about a 14-16 gauge of material. A fee is charged for custom metal dies or 'strike' plates.  The aluminum doubloons are available in many colors and are referred to as anodized coins. 

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Doubloons come in several metals and finishes. 

  • AL = Metal Aluminum throw coins - 1000 pieces per unit
  • A/B = Antique Bronze - 1 per unit
  • A/N = Antiqued Nickel (oxidized nickel silver) - 1 per unit
  • B/B = Bright Bronze (gold looking) - 1 per unit
  • F/S = Fine Silver (.999) - 1 per unit
  • G/P = Gold Plated - 1 per unit

Along the parade routes, Carnival Krewe members have thrown strings of colorful beads, hand-size toys, trinkets, and plush toys to the crowd masses since the 1800s. Doubloons, however, did not appear until the 1930s in the form of “Wooden Nickels” and later in the 1960s aluminum "blanks" began appearing stamped with Krewe logos and themed artwork.

Other terms: Multi-Color Cloisonne, Color Coated, Scalloped Edge, Wooden, Heavy, Dual, Coins